Handmade cosmetics

The market today is flooded with formulated products intended for hygiene and body care. Unfortunately, it is often the case that these products are made from chemicals that are cheap and of dubious quality. Yet, they do “get their job done" at first sight. Still, they just seemingly meet their purpose as their greatest property definitely is not quality, but commonly found in a nice smell, good packaging design and effective marketing. The price of such mass-manufactured products, as a rule, depends precisely on the three things mentioned: the more pronounced they are, the more expensive the products get. The biggest deception related to these products is when they contain no more than a few percent of natural ingredients, but are named after them to create the illusion that they are natural products (this advertising technique is called “Angel Dusting”, which is quite common in the cosmetic industry).

Ingredients in commercial, mass produced bath, body care and cosmetic products are generally almost the same, regardless of price and brand. As a rule, these are components with complex chemical terms that only a small number of people can understand. A search of the Internet can help to find information about what these components actually are, what they are made from and how, and what medical research reveals about them. Often it comes to ingredients derived from petroleum or coals or heavily processed ingredients from natural sources. After finding out where things stand, a lot of people want these chemicals out of their lives and turn to more natural products. In addition, there are many people who are sensitive to certain synthetic chemicals. Frequent consequences of the use of synthetic hygiene and body care products are: allergies, itching, dry skin and hair loss. All of these are justified reasons why more and more people are looking for natural alternatives to replace commercial synthetic products.

Cucumber juice as a skin toner Growth stimulating and scalp balancing Hair oil  
Cucumber juice as a skin toner Growth stimulating and scalp balancing Hair oil  

Some of the industrial ingredients simply can not be avoided, because in nature there are no adequate substitutes. Science and industry exist, among other things, for the reason of making life better and providing us with things that Mother Nature is deprived of. An example of this are medicines - for some diseases it is necessary to use synthetic drugs because only they will help. Another example are synthetic substitutes for ingredients that naturally contain allergens or sensitizers which can not be removed by purification. In any case, there is no problem to make some of the products for bathing and body hygiene & care using ingredients you already have at home, whereby you will get products that do their job quite well, but are free of any suspicious chemicals. Excellent examples of such products are: soap, body butter, lip balm and bath bombs. Not to mention that making your own products is usually much more cost-effective than buying commercial products.

The most expensive and luxurious cosmetic and bath & body products on the market are usually handcrafted and made mainly or entirely from natural ingredients. In this case the price is not only due to design and marketing. These products are more expensive due to the very fact that anything natural, high-quality and handmade costs usually a lot more than mass-produced industrial chemicals.  

Exactly this kind of cosmetic and bath & body products can be made at home: handmade soaps (please find instructions in a soap-making category of this website), all natural lip balms, natural hand & body cremes, handmade body butter, bath bombs, hair masks, natural face masks and many more.

Handmade cosmetics and bath & body products have numerous advantages. As starting material, ingredients that are used are already in the house or can be purchased at the local grocery store or pharmacy. The ingredients usually cost less than their equivalent ready-made products. Use those ingredients whose quality you can trust. Use those ingredients that are sure to suit you and that you are not allergic to. There are no hidden, unknown ingredients. There is no animal testing because it comes to verified, natural ingredients.